Women work life in Europe

Things in the labor market keep changing over and over again. Evolution in fields like technology and science always help to create new jobs and new opportunities for men and women all around Europe. As a result, more and more people are thinking of new, innovative ways to build something of their own.

Due to de rapid changes, people realize the importance of building their own business. This is why entrepreneurship is now more ‘’popular’’ than ever. People love the idea of innovation, something new that will be completely their own and will be able to give them the opportunity to work.

Across Europe, men and women try to become entrepreneurs. However, gender inequality is visible in the field of entrepreneurship as well. Although over the past few years, more and more women around Europe are entering the field of entrepreneurship and are building their own businesses, the ration still remains pretty low.

In 2016, only 11% of employed women across Europe, was in the field of entrepreneurship. Most women, either by choice or due to circumstances, are working as employees for other people and are not trying to make something happen for themselves.

People would argue that not everyone can be an entrepreneur. And yes that is true. Not everyone can have innovative ideas that can turn someone into an entrepreneur. Not everyone can have the determination needed to support their own businesses. That does not mean that they are not supposed to try.

The reason why it is important to promote entrepreneurship for women across Europe is that women deserve the chance to become independent and to fight for their rights and gender equality, in the workplace. Simultaneously becoming entrepreneurs can help improve the local and regional economy as well as open new doors and create new job positions for younger people.

European Projects like the FEMME project have conducted researches that can show the ratio of women entrepreneurs in Europe, the level of their effect on the European economy, how things have changed over the years and how they will continue to change and improve with more women entering the labor market as entrepreneurs.

It is important to remember that the EU support women and considers entrepreneurship to be one of the most important mechanisms that can move the European economy. If you are a woman who wants to be strong and independent, entrepreneurship is the key. Find out how you can thrive in your own country. Remember that Europe is a place that will always support innovation in businesses and women entrepreneurs!