Women Entrepreneurship Data in Greece

Entrepreneurship nowadays is a concept that intrigues many people. It is well known that through entrepreneurship, men and women are able to develop their skills and ideas and make build their own companies and a possible future. However, the world of businesses is an unfair world and gender inequality is rather visible.

It is not a surprise to anyone that, in the field of entrepreneurship, women are not as successful as men. However, over the past few years, more and more women are becoming part of the entrepreneurial world. The rating all around Europe is very clear.

In particular and according to the World Bank, nowadays women own more than 30% of all the officially registered businesses around Europe. In Greece, this corresponds to 1/3 of all the self-employed people being women. In 2016 the self-employment indicator in Greece showed that 29.50% of the total number of working women, in Greece, are self-employed. In a European level, in the same year, the ration of self-employed women was only 11.80%. Since 2007, and after the establishment of the specific indicator in the EIGE’s database, Greece appears to be preceding among all European countries in women’s self-employment ration.

Greece has always been a country to promote innovation. Men and women all around the country always try for the best. The financial crisis was a factor that did, indeed help motivate people to get more involved with self-employment and bring their ideas to life.

For women, this is a much more pressing matter. Women and especially mothers who need to provide for their families will always try to find innovative ways to do that. Women in Greece are no different. Being driven by the need to protect and provide, they turn to self-employment and entrepreneurship.

So in the year 2019 in Greece, we see more and more women entering the labor market, as entrepreneurs, building their own businesses and taking their chances. Most of those businesses were created to cover local needs. That is not only helping these women become independent but it is also working wonders for the local labor market as well as the economy of the country.

Through the implementation of EU Projects like FEMME, the European Union supports these actions and women entering the labor market as entrepreneurs all around Europe. Women need to be able to support themselves and their families. They need to understand that they are equal to men and that they have every right to become strong in the field of businesses.