Women Entrepreneurs and the Romanian GDP

Women presence on the labor market is tightly connected to the Romanian socio-economic-cultural context; for example the so-called masculine jobs” or the economical-political power distribution.

In 2016, women were most active in financial activities, education, health, social assistance, cultural activities:

  • Women entrepreneurs represented 66.3% in financial and insurance fields;
  • 63,1% of hotels and restaurants activities were run by women;
  • in the case of public administration, defense, social insurance in the public sector, education and health activities, 62.7% were done by women;
  • 60,1% of cultural and entertainment initiatives belonged to women;
  • in trade activities, women represented 54.3%
  • 45,2% of agricultural work was done by women, as well.

To calculate women’s contribution to the Romanian GDP, there were used: production method, income method and institutional sector. Final analysis shows that women’s contribution to the Romanian GDP (2016) was around 41-43%. There were taken into consideration aspects such as a limited period of activity (women retire earlier than men) and the fact that a low percentage of women work in industry or construction.

Source: www.cnp.ro>contributia_PIB_femei