Two London mumpreneurs develop a new app – Mush is the #1 app for mums to help mums connect.

It was a chance for Sarah & Katie meeting in a rainy playground that got THE London mums talking about their feelings of loneliness and isolation on maternity leave. It led to them discussing ways in which they could help others. Together, Sarah Hesz, and Katie Massie-Taylor came up with Mush. A free app to help mums of all ages connect with other local, like-minded mums with kids the same age.

Mush is the #1 app for mums, helping mums everywhere to instantly become part of their local mum community. Mush makes being a mum more brilliant. Sarah & Katie who bonded over the nightmare of “two under two” and who wanted an easy and fun way to find local mum friends created it. They set out on a journey to make the lives of mums more sociable and fun while enabling meet-ups in real life with other mums too.
Despite not having any prior technical knowledge, Sarah and Katie sought help from people in the know. Two successful funding rounds later and they were on their way to making sure no mum goes it alone. The mums now hope that Mush will become the most extentensive social network for mums globally going forward. During their research, they commissioned a survey of 4,000 mums that found more than half of them struggled to plan with children, 80% of mums preferred to go to playgroups with a friend rather than alone and 50% would go shopping just for some adult interaction.

So far, Mush has helped create more than 250,000 friendships with its 85,000 members – and the network of mums continues to grow both here in the UK and across the world as far as Australia. There have also been 250,000 successful connections made using the new app. It has not surprisingly been rated as the top app for mums on the UK App Store. The mumpreneurs are now on a mission to get as many mums in Newcastle and the surrounding areas to download the app and start making friends.

So, what is Mush all about…?

1. Find mums who are nearby with kids the same age
You can message them and meet in your favourite coffee spot

2. Join local meet-ups
Check out your home feed to see what’s going on nearby

3. Check what is normal
Ask our community about the things that are puzzling you

4. Read our great guides
We have brilliant writers who will make you smile

5. Realise you are not alone!
Come and join hundreds of thousands of mums who realise being a mum is more fun when we do it together

Mush is the #1 app for mums:

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