State-of-the-art of European Mumpreneurship

Mumpreneurship is a concept that is emerging in several places in the world. In Europe, it is being developed by informal movements mostly created by women who are mothers. In that sense we intend to do a research that will give more concrete and detailed information on the actual development of Mumpreneurship at the participating countries.

Best practices researh on Mumpreneurship

Best practices research will give the opportunity to understand what are the most relevant programmes or initiatives for mumpreneurs, led by each of the partners' countries.

Guide with experiences/recommendations for Trainers/Adult Educators on Mumpreneurship initiatives

The Guide will be a result of the experience held by 32 trainers/adult educators on the short-term training course that will take place in FEMME project. The course is implemented to provide educators with a peer-to-peer experience, to discuss what could work in each social and economic context, and to develop ideias for future cooperation.

Guide for Mumpreneurs

The Guide for Mumpreneurs will be a derivable from the focus group experience that will be held in FEMME project for 80 Mumpreneurs, who will share experiences about who to create your own business while being a mother.