Interview with a mumpreneur

To explore all the aspects of being mumpreneur, and understand better their challenges and needs we are talking with mothers –entrepreneurs.

Bogdana is the owner of a tourist agency “Nevrokop travel” in Gotse Delchev – a small town in Bulgaria. She has been developing her company for 7 years. Recently she became a mother and has now new duties with her newborn son. For the mother’s daily routine, business activity and support from others, we talk with Bogdana Trampurzova:

Bogdana, would you share with us what is like to be a mom and to have a business?

When I discovered, that I am pregnant, I said to myself that I will manage to do my mother’s duties and the business same time. I am my own boss and do not have a fixed working time, besides I could work distantly using just my telephone. That is why I thought I would not have problems, when from female entrepreneur I become a mumpreneur. But there were many questions arising from my motherhood – whom to entrust my company, while I am at maternity leave for example. Many mothers experience this situation too. For me my company is also my “child”, I created it and developed it to a successful business. I believe we – the women have mom’s instincts for our children, but also for everything, that we do!

What help do you rely on, and is it important for the mothers-entrepreneurs to have support?

The decision for me is my family – my husband is now responsible for managing my company. Anyway, I am trying to be informed and give him advices. Our parents are helping us a lot too, and I hope to come back to my business soon. I would like society to accept the choice of the women to come back to their work at the early months of their maternity, this doesn’t mean that they are not good mothers. I am grateful to my clients and partners for the understanding and to all those, who support me. This is very important to me. The woman could be a mother and successful entrepreneur, I believe in this!