Female Entrepreneurship in Spain

When it comes to entrepreneurship, it´s men who have traditionally ventured to start their own businesses. But fortunately this situation is changing and now women are beginning to cut distances. “The gap between entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs has decreased since 2013 continuously,” says the Entrepreneurship Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report. The figures are little by little more comparable, and that is that, in Spain, 45% of the entrepreneurial population is already women.

Analyzing these data, in Spain Entrepreneurship is becoming a better professional option for women. In the last ten years, the gender gap has narrowed by 36%, although the Spanish are still one point below the European average in female entrepreneurship, which is 6.3%. This study, which collects data from 74 countries, takes into account factors such as the opportunity, failure or level of studies to determine the different levels of entrepreneurship. Taking these values ​​into account, it can be observed that in Spain 70% of women entrepreneurs give out their businesses motivated by the opportunities offered by the market.

According to the aforementioned Global Entrepreneurship Monitor report, the highest rates of female entrepreneurship occur in those places where women are in contact with other entrepreneurs. Other factors also affect it, such as its greater presence in political or cultural environments, which “are positively associated with the emerging activity of women, allowing the elimination of barriers to entrepreneurship”.

For these reasons, we see how they begin to encourage spaces where they can share their knowledge and experiences of the business world, to encourage the creation of women-led businesses. The advice and information that the entrepreneurs can receive, motivates them to move forward and take their projects to good port.

This figure also moves to the future of start-ups, since the number of women involved in new entrepreneurial initiatives has increased since 2016 by almost 20%, two points above the male rate. In addition, Spanish entrepreneurs, infected with this growth, aim to boost hiring in their companies over other countries such as France and Germany.


Global Entrepreneurship Monitor