Employment, age and salary data over women entrepreneurship in Europe

Over the past few years, the role of women has changed in modern society. There was a time when women were actually considered to be good only for the house. They were supposed to stay there, raise the kids and keep the family together. There were jobs that women were simply not allowed to be part of. 20 or even 30 years ago there was absolutely no way for someone to see a woman who was the owner of a business.

Nowadays, things are completely different. All-around group we can see multiple companies if not most of them actually being owned by women. However, the data collected throughout the past few years still shows that, the age of women become entrepreneurs, the amount of money they earn every single year and most importantly, the employment choices they might have is still not good enough.

Yes, there is a great change and things have improved a lot. However, we still see older women not being given the opportunity to actually build their own business. The best way for someone to build the business today is through funding. Older women are simply not trusted enough to be able to build their own business. In most cases, people are looking for younger women which sort of objectifies women to a certain point.

At the same time, although we are supposed to be leaving at that era where there is in general, gender equality, we still see women getting paid less than men, even though they might occupy the exact same positions in the business or even a much higher position. In most cases, women are expected to work just as much as men if not more but they are getting paid less.

At the same time, according to European data, businesses owned by women are actually not as trusted as businesses owned by men. As you can understand, something like this feeds discrimination around Europe and it does not allow for women to be able to spread their wings and actually build innovative companies and businesses. The labor market requires a lot of different businesses. Nowadays, it is impossible for society to be considered civilized if, men and women are not given the exact same rights at least in the workplace.

Women out there need to learn how to protect themselves and their businesses. They need to learn how they can make their businesses competitive. Luckily for them, European projects like FEMME  unable to provide them with different information regarding the ways they can build and fund the business ideas and actually bring them to life.

If you are woman who has a brilliant idea and wants to become an entrepreneur then you need to make sure that were going to give yourselves the opportunity to do that. Make sure that you will keep your ears and your eyes open for possibilities and options like European projects that will help you learn more things about businesses and will of course be able to help you by teaching you how you can build your very own business and make it as competitive as the business of any man out there. You are a strong woman with a lot of possibilities. Keep your head up and make sure that you will chase your dreams.